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Le 28 février 2014, 02:41 dans Humeurs 0

"The Korean nation system is not monolithic. Although in their domestic League, but they have been through the system, to take some measures to fill system gaps. "A former Liao feet 4.25 team has worked with North Korea officials say fifa 14 ultimate team coins, are divided into spring and autumn every year in North Korea held" Mangyongdae trophy "game and" players right to Assembly of the Republic. " Men's soccer team at least 12, up to two dozen, but what's most impressive is the Korean rich football atmosphere, athletes among them even more shocking, the DPRK team can get into the Brazil team scored, the Liao-foot former officials said he was not surprised. According to press reports, in Korea, from kindergarten to primary school, secondary school, high school and universities, particular emphasis on culture, arts, recreation and sports. Status of football in North Korea found in no other projects, more important is that they were young football talents have a very sound system on Japan Football: The late 80, revitalization of Japan soccer was referred to the country's agenda. Since then, has always been hard to beat China in Japan in just a very short time from the Asian tier up to Asia's leading 1992 AFC Asian Cup began more comprehensive overtook China till then, "boss," the Korea team. As Asia's champion, not Japan's ultimate goal, Japan Football Association also set a ambitious target--"getting out of Asia and into Europe", neither the League nor the youth culture, to football's most advanced nations of the world! Deserves careful pondering and summary

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This year, the feet were very difficult: "wages" and "three stops", "class", "train" ... ... For the football teams and players of the Club "experience" really make people feel very harsh. If a foot last year where it came from fifa 14 Xbox coins, where is back this year, very strong "credit" should definitely record the Club's body, relaxation, because players, coaches have been doing our best. "Running horses, the horses to graze. Trains run faster, depends on the front. "Chengdu Jaffe Club this year to do something with those feet? Deserves careful pondering and summary. Take after Shanghai Shenhua, into a full record of 3-9-12 points 18 minutes, relegation hope lives on. Over the next 6 games, 3 3 foot, respectively against Liaoning, Henan, Jiangsu, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Guangzhou. Until now, rockets is hope every game, relegation should have '.